Understanding Ford's Latest Eco-Friendly Materials

Do Ford's recent choices about plant-based vehicle materials have you feeling... bamboozled? Worry not, the experts at Nelson Ford are here to demystify it for you!

In the past decade, Ford Motor Company has begun replacing synthetic materials (plastics and petroleum-based foams) with sustainable ones. The idea, in a nutshell, is that the Earth has only a limited amount of petroleum oil, which takes millions of years to produce, but has an unlimited amount of plants, which grow and replace themselves quickly. Ford's first plant-based product was soy foam, which is now used in all new Ford vehicles made in North America.

Now Ford is working toward incorporating bamboo into new models. Bamboo is ultra-strong—stronger than some metals—and can grow up to three feet in just one day. Because of these properties, bamboo is already making a splash in housing, replacing traditional wood floors and cabinets, and in countless other industries. In your next new car, bamboo may be used in composite plastics that reduce the amount of petroleum needed and are stronger than either material individually.

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