5 Things You Should be Doing to Avoid a Summer Roadside Emergency

We all love summertime. It's when the chill of winter finally leaves, and we can run around barefoot in the grass. It's a time of swimming, hiking, biking, and taking road trips. It's also the season for cars to break down.

While cold weather can cause a battery to stop working, hot weather drains a battery's life away. In fact, few parts of your car are immune to overheating—tires can blow out, engine oil can thin. Your entire vehicle works harder.

Proactive Steps to Avoid Car Failure:

  • Have your battery tested by a qualified service department.
  • Carry a spare tire
  • Check your tires' tread and pressure
  • Pack an emergency kit, including first aid, water, and tools for changing a tire
  • Stay focused on the road, never on a phone

If you are planning a vacation getaway and will be getting there by car, schedule an appointment with our Ford auto repair center in Martinsville first. We'll make sure your Ford is performing at its best, so you can make the trip worry free.

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