Being Prepared for Going Out Traveling a Holiday Road Trip

Keep in mind that as the holiday gets closer than there is going to be a tremendous amount of traffic to navigate this year. Most drivers wait until the last minute and pile onto the highways the day before the holiday, but our team at Nelson Ford has quality advice for you and your family:

  • Make sure that you are bringing along a few emergency essentials in case you are trapped in the car with heavy traffic. Toilet paper, tissues, water, snacks, tools, phone chargers, a gas can, and even a gallon of engine coolant.
  • Take a look at your travel route and break it down into a few shorter trips, so everyone has the chance to get out of the car for a while.
  • Never leave in the morning, try to be on the road at sunset when other drivers are getting ready to stop for the night.

Come over to see us in Martinsville, VA, and the team will make sure your ride is ready for the long holiday trip!

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