Does the Ford Flex Have a Parallel Parking System?

Parallel parking is a chore. That is why you must pass a parallel parking test to get your driver’s license. Selecting your spot, getting into the right position, and then jockeying back and forth until you get into position is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have traffic building up behind you.

The Ford Flex is a full-sized vehicle making parallel parking even more difficult. Knowing this, Ford engineers included the Active ParkAssist feature into the vehicle. When you need to parallel park, press the “p” button, turn on the turn signal in the direction in which you want to park so that the Flex knows where to look for a suitable parking space, and stop when signaled by the Flex. Put the Ford Flex in reverse and let the car handle it from there.

Come to Nelson Ford in Martinsville, VA and test the Active ParkAssist on our lot.

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