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Keep your engine moving freely

Regular, frequent oil changes are one of the best ways to keep your engine in top condition and your vehicle running the way it’s supposed to. It’s a relatively quick, easy and inexpensive process, but don’t wait until the warning light appears on your dash before booking in to get it done.

Oil changes are one of several forms of preventative maintenance that don’t cost much but can save you a fortune in the long run and keep you on the road where you need to be.

Contact us today at Nelson Ford in Martinsville for advice about how frequently you should get your oil changed; remember to schedule an appointment to treat your engine.

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Oil Change Specials

Ford Pickup & Delivery

When you need service, let your dealer pick up, service, and return your vehicle. It's complimentary and available at select locations. *

*Ford Pickup & Delivery is offered by participating dealers and may be limited based on availability, distance, or other dealer-specified criteria. Does not include parts or repair charges. A nonoperational vehicle is not eligible and will require a Roadside event.

EXPIRES: 06/30/2024

The Works® Package Synthetic Blend Oil Change and More*

• Tire Rotation and Pressure Check
• Brake Inspection
• Vehicle Checkup
• Fluid Top-Off
• Battery Test
• Filter Check
• Belts and Hoses Check

*Up to six quarts of Motorcraft® oil and Motorcraft oil filter. Hybrid battery test excluded. See Service Advisor for exclusions and details. Expires 12/31/24. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

EXPIRES: 12/31/2024

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Motorcraft® Warranty: Two years. Unlimited mileage. Includes labor. *

Motorcraft parts are covered for a full two years with unlimited mileage. Even limited labor costs are included. *

*See your U.S. dealer for a copy of the limited warranty. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

EXPIRES: 06/30/2024

Ford Parts Warranty: Two years. Unlimited mileage. Includes labor. *

Ford Parts are covered for a full two years with unlimited mileage. Even limited labor costs are included. *

*See your U.S. dealership for a copy of the limited warranty.

EXPIRES: 06/30/2024

Learn more about oil changes

Most people know getting an oil change is essential and needs to be done to keep their Ford performing the way it’s supposed to, but it’s one of those jobs that can be put off if you lead a busy life and think it’s going to be a time-consuming hassle.

Many different oils are on the market these days, and it can be unclear if you’re not 100 percent sure which specific blend your vehicle uses. By coming to Nelson Ford for your oil changing, you’ll know your engine is running as it should using the right oil.

The oil in your engine performs three critical tasks. Oil lubricates the engine’s internal components to avoid unnecessary wear and keeps the components cool. At the same time, they operate and it carries potentially damaging particles of metal away so they can be removed by changing the old oil.

If the oil isn’t changed, it becomes full of contaminants, making it sludgy, old, smelly and ineffective. It doesn’t work anywhere near as well as it did when it was new, and it starts to transport those metal particles around your engine to potentially do damage instead of being removed the way they were supposed to be with a timely change of oil.

Regular, frequent oil changes are like giving your engine a blood transfusion. They remove the old, sludgy, used oil that’s been doing a great job of lubricating, cooling and protecting your engine and replace it with a total dose of lovely, clean and fresh oil to keep everything working as it should. It can save you from much more extensive, expensive and time-consuming repairs later on that could result from damage potentially caused by not changing your oil when it needs changing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your Ford in for its next oil change with us here at Nelson Ford in Martinsville. You can make a booking here through our website, by calling us at (276) 638-2331, or by dropping in to see us at our service center at 201 East Commonwealth Boulevard, Martinsville, Virginia. However you choose to book in for an oil change with us, your Ford will be glad you did.


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